Black Ella Earrings


Black Ella Earrings



Ella Glass Mosaic Earrings, Mosaic jewellery, Mediterranean Earrings, Lightweight Earrings, Chandelier Earrings, Dangle & Drop Earrings, Gift for herThe Whit Ella Earrings, from the Tazanna Line, are truly compelling with their sparkling glass mosaic pattern. Vera means “true, real, genuine,” and that’s exactly the message each tile carries – to remind you that you are genuine, one of a kind, and the world is waiting for you to shine!

Have you heard the phrase “You must suffer to be beautiful?” No more! No need to get a headache due to heavy earrings. That’s what the Vera Earrings are all about: Comfort and elegance without pulling the ears down.

I put each mosaic tile together with love. The earrings have a back cover of resin to make them water resistant. The Vera earrings are feather light, weighing only 4g each. A similarly sized metal earring usually weighs at least 8g – 50% heavier than the Vera Earrings.

The silver-plated ear hooks are hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive ears.

♦ Size / Dimensions / Weight
Length of Ella Earrings: 45mm / 1.8 inch
Length with ear hook: 65mm / 2.6 inch
Weight per Ella Earring: 4g

♦ Materials used
Mosaic glass tile, recycled paper, resin


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