Black Vera Set


Black Vera Set



The Vera Set with its Mediterranean touch from the Tazanna Line is a compelling set of jewellery with its sparkling mosaic pattern. Vera means “true, real, genuine” and that’s exactly the message each tile carries – to remind you that you are genuine, one of a kind and the world is waiting for you to shine!

The lovely Vera Set comes as a set of three: the Vera earrings, chain and bracelet. This sweet mosaic set jewellery is glossed and hardened for long wear. This set is exacly the definition of smart jewellery:

The Vera Earrings are all about comfort and elegance without tearing the ears down thanks to their leightweight.
The Vera Bracelet feels great on the skin thanks to the back covered by polished resin. Its smart closure makes it a breeze to close your bracelet
The Vera chain can be put on the way without any help since you don’t even have to open it.

The design of the Vera set is attractive yet simple enough to go with any kind of outfit.


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