Beige Vera Bracelet


Beige Vera Bracelet



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The Holiday season is synonym with snow, time-honored traditions, fabulous choirs, and parties full of elegant ladies all dressed up.

The Vera Bracelet is a great companion for this season of the year. Its beige glass tiles are put together with love on recycled paper finished by a sparkling silver-platet chain.

The mosaic bracelet is inspired from the beauty of life and nature.

As an elegant handmade reminder, the beige mosaic bracelet feels great on the skin thanks to the back covered by polished resin. The design is attractive yet simple enough to go with any kind of outfit.

I believe the best part of the Mosaic bracelet though, is its closure which makes it a breeze to close your bracelet. It also allows you to choose the desired length depending on your mood and outfit of the day.
Those days are over when you needed help to close your jewelry. In this new millennium where everything has to go fast, I believe your jewelry has to be smart – therefore the handmade smart closure to make your life easier.

If you are looking for something original and beautiful this bracelet is perfect for you or a gift for her.

Measure your wrist and choose your bracelet according:
The mosaic bracelet is 20 cm long (XS) including the glass mosaic charm.
The bracelet is also available in M (21.75 cm) & L (22,5 cm).

Materials used:
Glass tile
Recycled paper
silver- plated chain

The story behind the Mosaic Bracelet

The mosaic bracelet carries a message in itself: each mosaic tile represents a season of your life. All tiles have to be put together to create the masterpiece that it is. But during the process of creation and “construction”, it doesn’t look like something beautiful is going to come out of it. That’s how you may be feeling right now. But I believe there are many reasons to be thankful: for e,.g the fact that you have made it this far. It is all part of the process. Somewhen, you will be able to put all the mosaic tiles together and you will be thankful for each “season” of your life. (I’m talking from experience) So let the Mosaic bracelet accompany you to remind you that everything is gonna be alright and a masterpiece will come out of it <3


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