Is a unique handmade Christian jewellery line Made in Germany based on The Words of God to complement your outfit with something inspirational. Quality handmade rings, bracelets and necklaces are the perfect accessories for any occasion. 

Our Christian jewellery is also an excellent gift idea which provides great impact in all aspects of one’s life whether for women, men or teenagers.

Our inspirational Christian Jewellery is designed to accompany Christians every single day with the Scripture to strengthen their Faith in God




Carry the power of Scriptures everyday to strengthen your faith


When people are curious & ask about the meaning of your jewellery, it is the best opportunity to evangelise & spread the good news of the Gospel

Strengthen your Faith

Helps you to meditate on the faithfulness and power of God when your heart is troubled

Train your mind

A reminder to be transformed by the renewing of your mind based on the word of God 


I understood this principle when I was going through tough times. I’ve been battling with back pain for years and I make sure to exercise everyday to strengthen it! 

I remember the time, I was working as a Marketing assistant in an international company and I was asked with my colleague to reorganise the office next door. We’ve been lifting up heavy boxes although I was not supposed to and there was more work left. 

The next day, this same colleague told me to continue the work and I told her that my back has been paining too much and was hardly able to walk today. She was disgusted at the fact that I could not help her and  went to the colleagues next door to tell them how I was unwilling to work.

I heard them all talking about me while on my way to the toilet…

The next thing I knew was that I was so confused! I was willing to work but i wasn’t able to and people were gossiping about me, I felt helpless.

At the same time, my eyes fell on the bracelet I was wearing “Child of God” and all of a sudden, I regained hope and confidence as these words “believe what God says about you as a Child of God and not what people say” pops into my spirit...

Since this day forward, I came to the realisation that the world needs trendy & comfortable inspiring jewellery with scriptures to accompany them on their daily routine either to strengthen their heart or allow the word to guide them on their path..

and Sharonne Design was born in Germany!

Christian Jewellery Made in GermanyChristian Jewellery Made in Germany




Most products are designed and handmade by me 

customer SERVICE

We provide reparation services for free for minor touches and if the parts are still available